Everyday activities such as sitting, standing, running, playing sports, dancing or working out in gym, strengthen some muscle groups but may leave other muscle groups weaker and underdeveloped. This results in imbalances, which cause fatigue, discomfort, pain and even immobility. The Pilates method can have a profound effect on everyone, all levels of health and fitness. Once it’s tried it becomes a way of life. At Flow Studios, you will experience a healthy environment where one receives individualized assistance to achieve optimum health and well-being. We will assist, advise and inspire you through a personalized program for your special needs, paying strict attention to proper form and technique.

Class Descriptions

Pilates Private:

Receive one on one training with a personalized program to fit your specific needs. Utilizing one of the following: reformer, wunda chair, or springboard. Must be scheduled by appointment only.

Pilates Semi-Private:

Bring a friend or someone you know with a similar fitness level to try our two person reformer class. Semi-private is limited to two people and each are give special attention and movement analysis. Must be scheduled by appointment only.

Pilates Reformer Class:

This class is limited to three clients at a time. We will work through series of movements and exercises on the reformer. Must have basic reformer knowledge and use of the equipment. Pilates private recommended at least three times before beginning a Reformer class. May sign up online or schedule with Layne.

The Booty Barre

A sexy, energetic, fun workout that fuses fitness techniques from Dance, Pilates, and Yoga that will tone, define and chisel the whole body. And get this… you don’t even need any dance experience and you certainly don’t need a partner! The Booty Barre® method is the perfect combination of strength and flexibility with added cardio to burn fat fast. Barre workouts have become a popular choice with celebrities such Madonna, Natalie Portman and Zooey Deschanel.